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Ms. Siti Marifah, the founder of Duta Remaja Indonesia

[Sunday Times=Chris Lee Reporter]Indonesian Youth Ambassador launches "Creative Youth Home" on Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam I No. 10, Tebet, South Jakarta, Wednesday (10/16/2019).

The launching of the Creative Youth Home was attended by the Founder, Siti Ma'rifah (the eldest daughter of Indonesian Vice President Mr. Ma'ruf Amin), Rahmat Hamka, Diaz Hendro Priyono, Zainal Abidin, Jimbo, and also from many millennials from the campus and community.

Duta Remaja Indonesia are present as a vehicle and means to rebuild and strengthen the image of the Millennials of Indonesia as a generation that has good potential and reputation. Duta Remaja Indonesia is a platform of connectors, catalysts, mobilizers and social accelerators for the younger generation or commonly referred to as the millennials generation in Indonesia.

Ms. Siti Marifah cut the rice cone at the opening "Rumah Remaja Kreatif"

"Duta Remaja Indonesia, aims to facilitate young people; young people; millennials; Indonesian young generation to network, learn, share stories, work, inspire and open up opportunities for cooperation, synergy and mutual cooperation across works and fields". Said the Chairperson of the Launching of the Rumah Remaja Creative, Gatra Rialdy Putra.

"Duta Remaja Indonesia movement is oriented to become a mobilizer for the younger generation, empowering and collaborating through work, bringing a spirit of collaboration among millennials, and providing reference data for millennials who have created works, impacts, achievements, and inspiration for their environment". Said the Secretary General of Duta Remaja Indonesia, Dhika Yudistira.

Ms. Siti Marifah with the Vice President of Indonesia, Mr Ma'ruf Amin who is her father.

Duta Remaja Indonesia has activities and programs including (1) The existence of a Creative Youth Home, which is a millennial laboratory with offline and online activities based on character development (soft skills development for millennials), (2) Agenda for routine discussions & workshops, (3) Research studies practical issues related to millennials, (4) As a media platform that spreads useful information around the millennial world (Website, Instagram, FB & Line), (5) Youth Consultants and (6) Social Programs to share caring for others (economic, education, disaster , and people with disabilities)

"Hopefully the Creative Youth Home can create a learning of integrity to make it all happen," said the founder of Duta Remaja Indonesia, Siti Marifah.

Natalia S Tjahja (Founder Maria Monique Lastwish) said that she was proud of the young men at the Duta Remaja Indonesia when she met Dhika Yudistira, she said that the Indonesian Youth Ambassador had a good program for Indonesia and she was happy to tell them about the happiness of diffable  that could be done.

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