The Beauty of Indonesia through Its Traditional Textiles···A Story of Songket-Ikat-Tapis Diplomacy

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Miss Ratna Aini Hadi(Left) & Nila Umar Hadi(Right)

[Sunday Times=Chris Lee Reporter]Aiming to promote Indonesian culture and creative economy through its beautiful traditional textiles, The Indonesian Women Association Seoul Chapter (Dharma Wanita Persatuan KBRI Seoul), in cooperation with Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Korea in Seoul, initiated online seminars on December 21-23, 2020. The event was held on the occasion of the 21st Anniversary of the Indonesian Women Organization (DWP) and the Indonesian Mother's Day. The seminars underlined three different themes for the three consecutive days, namely Minangkabau Women & Stunning Songket, Irresistible Ikat and the Amazing Tapis. More than 10.000 viewers watched the online event broadcasted in digital platforms, including Facebook and Youtube.

Nila Umar Hadi

“My beloved Mother, an Indonesian woman whose ancestors originated from Minangkabau, taught me the values of our culture since my tender age, including by promoting Indonesian diverse culture through our traditional textiles. Since the birth of my daughter, I passed this heirloom cultural tradition to her. Culture to Indonesians are not only objects to be preserved in Museums or Galleries, far from that, culture is alive, practiced and, in fact, we proudly wear our culture daily through our attire. The seminar intends to raise awareness on the importance to preserve Indonesian traditional textile so younger generations would understand and appreciate their culture”, as stated by Mrs Nila Umar Hadi, Spouse of Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, serving as Chair of Indonesian Women Association - Seoul Chapter. H.E. Mr Umar Hadi, Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea made a surprise cameo by wearing outfits made from traditional textile during the three days online seminar.

Miss Ratna Aini Hadi

Accompanied by her only daughter, Miss Ratna Aini Hadi, who served as the Moderator throughout the event, Mrs Nila Umar Hadi highlights that “In a way, the ongoing pandemic has given us an opportunity to hold this virtual event which is attended by our friends not only those residing in Indonesia and South Korea within the Asia continent but also in other countries in other continents, namely Europe, Australia, America and Africa. Those who have not been able to return back home to Indonesia would enjoy the insightful discussion shared by the experts. The presentations would transport their minds to Indonesia as if they are embarking on a virtual trip to these exotic places.”

Miss Ratna Aini Hadi(Left) & Umar Hadi & Nila Umar Hadi(Right)

As an integral part of in promoting Indonesian culture, as well as promoting traditional textile as one of the pillars of creative economy diplomacy between Indonesia and Korea, this event involved experts from both countries as distinguished speakers. The presence of Mrs Puan Puti Reno Sativa Sutan Aswar (Researcher on Sumatera Traditional Textile), Prof. Eje Kim, Ph.D (Department of Social Studies Association, Gyeongju National University of Education), Mrs. Sagong Kyung (President of Korean & Indonesian Culture Study) and Mr Didiet Maulana (Creative Director IKAT Indonesia/Entrepreneur Mentor) added to the excitement of the event. Indonesian diplomats who served in Indonesian Embassy in Seoul and both are traditional textiles aficionados, namely Mr. Joannes Ekaprasetya Tandjung and Mr. Purno Widodo also served as speakers at the event.

Minangkabau Women & Stunning Songket highlight the culture of Minangkabau Women from West Sumatra as well as their captivating and delicate gold and silver weaved textile, namely the Songket. Irresistible Ikat known in the fashion world due to its unique dyeing and weaving technique is the highlight of the second day. Lastly, the amazing traditional weaving style embroidered with warped and couched gold thread from Lampung, namely Tapis.

Female attendees of the virtual event dressed up to the nines in their exquisite traditional textile in line with the theme of each day. At the end of the sessions, the host and speakers would choose Best Dressed Women. Stay tuned for upcoming events from Indonesian Embassy in 2021, the International Year for Creative Economy.

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